TEC Series Alloy Steel Washers SCM435 or 4130

Manufacturer SHEREX
Description TEC Series Alloy Steel Washers SCM435 or 4130, Inner Diameter (A) 0.173 Inch, Outer Diameter (C) 0.299 Inch
Part Number TEC-M4
Material SCM435 or 4130 Alloy Steel
Industry Standards/Compliance ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS16949, MIL-STD-1312-7, RoHS
Inner Diameter (A) (Inch) 0.173
Outer Diameter (C) (Inch) 0.299
Thickness (EE) (Inch) 0.071
Bolt Size (mm) M4
Bolt Size (Inch) #8
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TEC Series washers keep joints secure using tension, not friction as with traditional washers. TEC washers consist of a pair of washers with cams on one side and seizing ridges on the other. The cam sides are mated together with a mild adhesive, and installed between the bolt head or nut and the joint material. As the bolt or nut is tightened, the seizing ridges cause one half of the washer to be seated to the bolt or nut, while the other half is seated to the joint material.

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