CMRH - Belt-driven fan with electric motor. pulley and belt kit and standardised protectors in accordance with standard ISO-13857 and 150 mm mineral fibre fireproof plate for horizontal work

Manufacturer SODECA, S.A.
Description Centrifugal fan: CMRH-1445-X/R-3
Mass 203 kg
Length 955 mm
Unit width 740 mm
Unit height 740 mm
Input radius 229 mm
Input diameter 458 mm
Voltage 400 V
Number of poles 3
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 4.83 A
Maximum flow 9620 m³/h
Minimum flow 0 m³/h
Rotational speed 1700 rpm
Omniclass number 23-33 31 19 13
Note Only valid measurements are displayed on the table, all the other measurements may be approximated
Apparent load 3346 V.A
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