Dongguan ALPSR Electronic
Dongguan ALPSR Electronic

Plug-in 3P battery stand 3PIN battery male seat 3-position battery connector 3-position battery male and female mobile phone battery stand battery socket battery interface side press plug-in battery stand side

Manufacturer Dongguan ALPSR Electronic
Description XB-B01M-R4-3p
Manufacturer Part Number XB-B01M-R4-3p
Product type Blade battery holder
Rated current 2.0A
Rated voltage 12V
Figures 3
Spacing 2.5mm
Plastic materials LCP
Shrapnel material Phosphor bronzeC5210
Installation method Lateral pressure SMD
Packing method Bagged
Modele CAD
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Dongguan ALPSR Electronic

Dongguan ALPSR Electronic

ALPSR is an electronic technology enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of touch switches, multi-function switches, key switches, microswitches, toggle switches, headphone sockets, DC sockets, USB connectors, etc. its products are widely used in automotive electronics, digital products, communication equipment, audio equipment, household appliances and electronic instruments.

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