DXL (External grilles - blade 100)

Kiadó : BIM&CO
Manufacturer Madel
Reference description DXL 1000x1000
Manufacturer Part Number DXL 1000x1000
Available Surface Area [m²] 0.754068
Minimum Air Flow [m³/h] 6786.612
Maximum Air Flow [m³/h] 12215.9016
Omniclass 23-33 49 23 11
Uniformat D3041
MasterFormat 23 37 13
Input Width [mm] 1000
Input Height [mm] 1000
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The DXL series grilles are designed to take in air from the exterior or to expel used air. The fixed blades, 100 mm pitch, are designed to prevent rain penetration. They are very strongly built and resistant to aggressive climatic conditions, for outdoor installation.

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One of the lines of performance of MADEL consists of equipping its products with aesthetic added value in order to introduce the air diffuser as yet another element to be considered in interior architecture.

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