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Manufacturer TE Connectivity
Part Number 1-284425-3
URL https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-1-284425-3.html?te_bu=Cor&te_bu=Cor&te_type=other&te_campaign=trp_glo_buylink-pdp&elqCampaignId=29714
Series AMP MCP Connector System
Height [mm] 22.6
Height [in] .89
Length [mm] 35.5
Length [in] 1.39
Width [mm] 26.25
Width [in] 1.03
Mating Tab Width [mm] 1.5
Mating Tab Width [in] .059
Operating Voltage [VDC] 24
Operating Temperature Range [°C] -40 – 140
Operating Temperature Range [°F] -40 – 284
Centerline (Pitch) [mm] 4
Centerline (Pitch) [in] .157
Nominal Voltage Architecture [V] 24
Connector System Wire-to-Device
Serviceable No
Blank Cavity Position 0
Polarized Yes
Number of Positions 3
Primary Locking Feature Integrated in Housing
Agency/Standard IEC 529 IP 54
Strain Relief No
Connector Style Housing for female terminals
Hybrid Connector No
Mounting Feature Without
Terminal Position Assurance Yes
Packaging Method Bag
Cable Exit Angle 180°
Color Gray
Body Material PBT GF
Packaging Quantity 100
Connector Position Assurance Capable Yes
Sealable Yes
Number of Rows 1
Circuit Application Signal
Degree of Protection IP54K
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Index Selector Part Number Description Product Documentation Series Height [mm] Height [in] Length [mm] Length [in] Width [mm] Width [in] Mating Tab Width [mm] Mating Tab Width [in] Operating Voltage [VDC] Operating Temperature Range [°C] Operating Temperature Range [°F] Centerline (Pitch) [mm] Centerline (Pitch) [in] Nominal Voltage Architecture [V] Connector System Serviceable Blank Cavity Position Polarized Number of Positions Primary Locking Feature Agency/Standard Strain Relief Connector Style Hybrid Connector Mounting Feature Terminal Position Assurance Packaging Method Cable Exit Angle Color Body Material Packaging Quantity Connector Position Assurance Capable Sealable Number of Rows Circuit Application Degree of Protection
1 1 1-284425-3 3 POS CONNECTOR FOR INJECTION Product Documentation AMP MCP Connector System 22.6 .89 35.5 1.39 26.25 1.03 1.5 .059 24 -40 – 140 -40 – 284 4 .157 24 Wire-to-Device No 0 Yes 3 Integrated in Housing IEC 529 IP 54 No Housing for female terminals No Without Yes Bag 180° Gray PBT GF 100 Yes Yes 1 Signal IP54K