Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)Machinery Co., Ltd.
By Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)Machinery Co., Ltd.

Series CHM-DIN8 Helical Soft Pinions module 10

Manufacturer Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)Machinery Co., Ltd.
Description Helical Soft Pinions CHM1000201-DIN8
Part Number CHM1000201-DIN8
Material S50C
Mass 27,4
No. of Teeth 20
Ratio 20
Quality DIN 8
CAD models

Product selection

Index CAD Selector Part Number Description Material Mass No. of Teeth Ratio Max Input Speed d1H6 d2 d3 D w1 w2 k h Quality Fta kN
1 No CAD available 1 CHM1000201-DIN8 Helical Soft Pinions CHM1000201-DIN8 S50C 27,4 20 20 20 85 125 212,21 232,2 100 165 22 90,4 DIN 8 155,06


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Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yuan Yi Chang (YYC)Machinery Co., Ltd.

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