Plain bends YB for 140

Manufacturer YA-VA Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
Description Plain bends YB30° YBBP30A145R5
Part number YBBP30A145R5
Code YBBP30A145R5
Product selection
Selector Reference Description
137 YBBP30A145R5 Plain bends YB30°
138 YBBP30A145R7 Plain bends YB30°
139 YBBP30A145R10 Plain bends YB30°
140 YBBP45A145R5 Plain bends YB45°
141 YBBP45A145R7 Plain bends YB45°
142 YBBP45A145R10 Plain bends YB45°
143 YBBP60A145R5 Plain bends YB60°
144 YBBP60A145R7 Plain bends YB60°
145 YBBP60A145R10 Plain bends YB60°
146 YBBP90A145R5 Plain bends YB90°
147 YBBP90A145R7 Plain bends YB90°
148 YBBP90A145R10 Plain bends YB90°
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YA-VA Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. YA-VA Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. consists of Conveyor Components Business Unit ;Conveyor Systems Business Unit ; Overseas Business Unit (former: Shanghai Daoqin International Trading Co., Ltd.) and Foshan Branch. We have strong design and production teams with 20,000 m² facility: including R & D, injection and molding shop, components assembly shop, conveyor systems assembly shop, QA inspection center and warehousing. We are professional from the components to integrated conveyor systems. Our products are widely applied in packaging, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, homecare, and logistics. We have been focusing on conveyor industry for nearly 20 years under YA-VA brand. Currently there are more than 7000 clients worldwide.
YA-VA Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.