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Description Cylindrical pin
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Selector Printing mode Comment Solvable shape
1 Vertical printing Medium quality of cylindrical shapes Not applicable
2 Horizontal printing Good quality of cylindrical shapes Available with solvable shape
Printing mode
Solvable shape
Product Description
This model allows a dowel pin to the desired size with the ability to play all of the following dimensional parameters:
- Length
- Ø pin

Photos showing the various stages of implementation of the model are available in the "Document" tab.

Setting the example made:
- Material: ABS;
-% Filler: variable from 10% to 100% depending on the desired strength;
- Number of peripheral layers: variable from 1 to 5 according to the desired strength;
- Height of the pass: according to desired strength and precision; the more passes will be fine, the better the accuracy and piece of resistance; by cons plus the pass is fine, more time to print increases.
- Print speed recommended: 35 mm / s for a durable piece 100% full; more speed increases the more risk of vibration and accuracy is not as good but the print time is shorter; by against the faster the speed, the lower the accuracy is good and there is less risk of failure (off of the room, defusing the contribution of the wire to a printer using this technology) but printing time increases.
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