Split-core balance transformer - Toroid IP-R series diameter 120 mm

Manufacturer SOCOMEC
Description Split-core balance transformer - Toroid IP-R series diameter 120 mm
Part Number 47506121
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The installation of protection or signalling resources such as earth leakage protection relays involves the use of core balance transformers.
Active conductors pass through the aperture of the core balance transformer, the differential summation of vector currents which enables the detection of leakage currents.
The core balance transformers (toroids) proposed by SOCOMEC meet requirements in terms of measurement sensitivity and are suitable for earth leakage protections relays RESYS M40/P40 and DIRIS A80.
Closed (series ΔIC, WR and TFR) or split core (series ΔIP-R) types, suit all wiring configurations.

A complete product range

• All dimensions and types are available for compatibility with any bar and cable configurations or diameters.
A wide range of fixing systems (ΔIC and ΔIP-R)

• ΔIC and ΔIP-R core balance transformers can be mounted on DIN-rail, on back-plate or directly on the cable. These products can be adapted into confined spaces with high integration constraints and provide easy and rapid cabling.
A patented cable locator (ΔIC and ΔIP-R)

• The SOCOMEC cable locator is a patented innovation. The cable is perfectly centralized in the core balance transformer to ensure accurate measurement and enhanced immunity to network interferences. It also enables direct mounting of the core balance transformer onto the cable.
Quick and safe to install (ΔIP-R)

ΔIP-R split core balance transformers are quick and easy to install with their innovative "one-click" open/ close system. They offer real time savings when it comes to installation. They have been designed with an open/close system without attachments, which ensures the operator safety during installation.

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