Reducing Coupling

Manufacturer PLAS-FIT
Description Reducing Coupling : 15020D0016
Part Number 15020D0016
dXd1 20X16
L 58
L1 42
Z 2
H 102
E 46
E1 38
W (gr) 50
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Product Description

Plas-Fit 150 Series PN16 Black product line is used to connect various types
of pipes: LDPE ,HDPE ,MDPE ,PE manufactured in compliance with Israel
Standard 994, ISO 7224, DIN 8074, EN 122101, EN13244
and most recently a green lable from the SII.

Technical Specifications:
  • Plas-Fit 150 Series PN16 allows quick and easy mounting with no need
    for taking the fitting apart.
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals.
  • Stands up to tough working conditions, pipe bending and pulling.
  • Compliant with International Standards and certified by the Israeli Institute
    of Standards.
  • Working pressure: PN16 - 16mm -75mm.
    PN10 - 90mm -110mm


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Plas-fit is one of the leaders in the pipe fittings industry. In Israel and around the globe, Plas-fit designs, develops, manufactures and markets top quality fittings and advanced plastic products for a variety of uses in a wide range of industries: Agriculture and Landscaping, Water, Industry, Infrastructure, Communications and Technology.

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