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MDPB (Metric) Double Roller Pillow Block

Manufacturer PBC Linear
Description MDPB-16-OPN (Metric) Double Roller Pillow Block
Part Number MDPB-16-OPN
Shaft Diameter (mm) 16.00
Bearing Width (mm) 63.50
Bearing Length (mm) 44.45
Bearing Weight (kg) 3.11
Material Aluminum Alloy
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With double the capacity of the single Roller Pillow Block, the double Roller Pillow Blocks offer twice the dynamic load rating in a similar mounting footprint. The double Roller Pillow Blocks are used when longer travel life or an increase in load capacity is required. The Roller Pillow Block provides key performance benefits such as high load capacities, high speeds,and design compatibility—providing size interchangeability with industry standard blocks. In contaminated environments, the roller bearings push particulates out of the way or roll seamlessly over them. Large rollers in the Roller Pillow Block system are well suited for long travel applications, minimizing vibration and providing smooth and quiet travel over joined shafts. Roller Pillow Blocks are available in single, double, and twin Roller Pillow Block types in various shaft diameters.

  • Loads up to 12,500 pounds
  • Self-aligning
  • Adjustable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High speeds
  • Standard mounting holes
  • Re-buildable
  • Interchangeability with industry standards

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PBC Linear

PBC Linear

PBC Linear provides smooth and quiet motion in linear bearings, linear actuators, profile rails, and cam rollers.

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