Manufacturer MISATI SL
Description Minipincers - TI2-20-15
Part Number TI2-20-15
Product selection
Selector Part Number Description
1 TI2-20-15 Minipincers - TI2-20-15
2 TI2-20-30 Minipincers - TI2-20-30
3 TI2-20-60 Minipincers - TI2-20-60
4 TI2-32-20 Minipincers - TI2-32-20
5 TI2-32-40 Minipincers - TI2-32-40
6 TI2-32-70 Minipincers - TI2-32-70
Part Number
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MISATI SL Misati was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1979. We have specialized in manufacturing high-quality pneumatic elements (clamps and pincers) for tools, robots and transfer presses.Our Research & Development Department designs and develops all our products (patented technology), bearing in mind our customers’ needs.Moreover, Misati’s production process is fully automated with the newest CNC machining centres, which enable us to manufacture our products with the maximum dimensional accuracy.