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Metrasphere Style "MSO" Butyl rubber expansion joint - MSOBB0300

Manufacturer Metraflex Co.
Description Metrasphere Style "MSO" Butyl rubber expansion joint - MSOBB0300
Part Number MSOBB0300
Size I.D. [in] 3
F/F [in] 5-1/8
Axial Compression [in] 0.5
Axial Elongation [in] 0.25
Lateral Deflection [in] 3/8
Angular [º] 15
Deflection_Weight [lbs] 14
No. Bolt Holes 4
Body Material Butyl
Thread Size 5/8 - 11NC
Bolt Hole Threaded
Weight [lbs] 14
Flange Material Plate Steel
Maximum Pressure PSI at 170 deg F [psi] 225
Flow Coefficient TBD
Wire Material Steel
Compression Force [lbs] 136
Elongation Force [lbs] 115
Lateral Force [lbs] 108
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Metraflex Co.

Metraflex Co.

Manufacturer of piping products including anchors, rubber & metal expansion joints. Types of rubber & metal expansion joints include unions, hoses, spool type connectors, concentric reducers & flexible pipe couplings. Compensators, pipe fittings, assemblies, hose connectors, plate flanges, guides, hose, pipes, reducers, penetration seals, strainers, unions & valves. Types of valves include balancing, butterfly, check, double disc & foot valves.

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