Manufacturer LINAK
Description 00 - LA33 5,000N, 100-600mm Stroke Length
Part Number LA33
Actuator Type LA33
Note Different options available too
Force (N) Up to 5,000
Self Lock (N) 5,000
Stroke Length (mm) 100 - 600
Voltage (V) 24
Speed Full-Load (mm/s) 7
Speed No Load (mm/s) 9
Build-in (mm) (retracted) 210 + Stroke Length
Integrated Controller IC Advanced
Feedback Hall Potentiometer
IP Degree IP66
Piston Rod Eye With sloth ø 12.2
Typical Full Load (A) 6.5
Back Fixture With sloth ø 12.2
Duty Cycle Full Load % 20
Spindle Pitch 9
Cable(s) Exchangeable, not included
Remark Please contact for other options
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Index Selector Part Number Description Actuator Type Note Force (N) Self Lock (N) Stroke Length (mm) Voltage (V) Speed Full-Load (mm/s) Speed No Load (mm/s) Build-in (mm) (retracted) Integrated Controller Feedback IP Degree Piston Rod Eye Typical Full Load (A) Back Fixture Duty Cycle Full Load % Spindle Pitch Cable(s) Remark
1 1 LA33 00 - LA33 5,000N, 100-600mm Stroke Length LA33 Different options available too Up to 5,000 5,000 100 - 600 24 7 9 210 + Stroke Length IC Advanced Hall Potentiometer IP66 With sloth ø 12.2 6.5 With sloth ø 12.2 20 9 Exchangeable, not included Please contact for other options

Product Description

The LA33 is a true mid-size actuator that combines compact design and high power in one solution, fit for use in the most extreme environments. A thorough and demanding testing programme forms the basis for the maintenance-free and long lasting performance.

Customized options possible when ordered in large numbers, please contact local LINAK office

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