Rotary Lever Clamp

Because of their compact design, rotary lever clamp are particularly suitable for use in clamping devices with low Installation spaces.

Manufacturer Inosol GmbH
Description Standad Clamping Lever, Size 4
Part number 101314
Product selection
Selector Part number Description
1 IRLC12-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 1
2 IRLC16-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 2
3 IRLC20-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 3
4 IRLC25-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 4
5 IRLC32-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 5
6 IRLC40-001 Rotary Lever Clamp, Size 6
7 101302 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 1
8 101306 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 2
9 101310 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 3
10 101314 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 4
11 101320 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 6
12 101318 Standad Clamping Lever, Size 5
Part number
Product Description

Single and double acting, with various standard clamping levers available.

Here only the double-acting version is offered with a middle tension lever.

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