MRS general environment (screw type) series

Manufacturer IHSOR Co., Ltd.
Description MRS100-S100-M4-P100W
Part Number MRS100-S100-M4-P100W
Product selection
Selector Part Number Description Model Stroke Motor Position Motor Brand, Power output
1 MRS100-S100-M4-P100W MRS100-S100-M4-P100W MRS100 100 M4 P100W
12 MRS100-S150-M4-P100W MRS100-S150-M4-P100W MRS100 150 M4 P100W
14 MRS100-S200-M4-P100W MRS100-S200-M4-P100W MRS100 200 M4 P100W
15 MRS100-S250-M4-P100W MRS100-S250-M4-P100W MRS100 250 M4 P100W
16 MRS100-S300-M4-P100W MRS100-S300-M4-P100W MRS100 300 M4 P100W
17 MRS100-S350-M4-P100W MRS100-S350-M4-P100W MRS100 350 M4 P100W
18 MRS100-S400-M4-P100W MRS100-S400-M4-P100W MRS100 400 M4 P100W
19 MRS100-S450-M4-P100W MRS100-S450-M4-P100W MRS100 450 M4 P100W
20 MRS100-S500-M4-P100W MRS100-S500-M4-P100W MRS100 500 M4 P100W
2 MRS100-S550-M4-P100W MRS100-S550-M4-P100W MRS100 550 M4 P100W
3 MRS100-S600-M4-P100W MRS100-S600-M4-P100W MRS100 600 M4 P100W
4 MRS100-S650-M4-P100W MRS100-S650-M4-P100W MRS100 650 M4 P100W
5 MRS100-S700-M4-P100W MRS100-S700-M4-P100W MRS100 700 M4 P100W
6 MRS100-S750-M4-P100W MRS100-S750-M4-P100W MRS100 750 M4 P100W
7 MRS100-S800-M4-P100W MRS100-S800-M4-P100W MRS100 800 M4 P100W
8 MRS100-S850-M4-P100W MRS100-S850-M4-P100W MRS100 850 M4 P100W
9 MRS100-S900-M4-P100W MRS100-S900-M4-P100W MRS100 900 M4 P100W
10 MRS100-S950-M4-P100W MRS100-S950-M4-P100W MRS100 950 M4 P100W
11 MRS100-S1000-M4-P100W MRS100-S1000-M4-P100W MRS100 1000 M4 P100W
13 MRS100-S1050-M4-P100W MRS100-S1050-M4-P100W MRS100 1050 M4 P100W
Part Number
Motor Position
Motor Brand, Power output
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