Series R4-38L

Manufacturer igus GmbH
Description Energy Chain® Mounting Bracket, R4.380.075.1
Part number R4.380.075.1
Selection R4.380.075.1
Product selection
Selector item no. Description
1 R4.380.075.1 15|R4-380-075-1|
2 R4.380.075.1.C 15|R4-380-075-1-C|
3 R4.380.075.2 15|R4-380-075-2|
4 R4.380.075.2.C 15|R4-380-075-2-C|
5 R4.380.100.1 15|R4-380-100-1|
6 R4.380.100.1.C 15|R4-380-100-1-C|
7 R4.380.100.2 15|R4-380-100-2|
8 R4.380.100.2.C 15|R4-380-100-2-C|
9 R4.380.125.1 15|R4-380-125-1|
10 R4.380.125.1.C 15|R4-380-125-1-C|
11 R4.380.125.2 15|R4-380-125-2|
12 R4.380.125.2.C 15|R4-380-125-2-C|
13 R4.381.075.1 15|R4-381-075-1|
14 R4.381.075.1.C 15|R4-381-075-1-C|
15 R4.381.075.2 15|R4-381-075-2|
16 R4.381.075.2.C 15|R4-381-075-2-C|
17 R4.381.100.1 15|R4-381-100-1|
18 R4.381.100.1.C 15|R4-381-100-1-C|
19 R4.381.100.2 15|R4-381-100-2|
20 R4.381.100.2.C 15|R4-381-100-2-C|
21 R4.381.125.1 15|R4-381-125-1|
22 R4.381.125.1.C 15|R4-381-125-1-C|
23 R4.381.125.2 15|R4-381-125-2|
24 R4.381.125.2.C 15|R4-381-125-2-C|
item no.
Contact the supplier
igus Manufacturer of energy-chain-systems and polymer bearings
igus GmbH Köln
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