Manufacturer igus GmbH
Description DryLin®, ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L-250
Part number ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L-250
Selection ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L-250
Product selection
Selector item no. Description
1 ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L
2 ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L/R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-100-L/R
3 ZLW-1080-02-S-100-R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-100-R
4 ZLW-1080-02-S-150-L Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-150-L
5 ZLW-1080-02-S-150-L/R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-150-L/R
6 ZLW-1080-02-S-150-R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-150-R
7 ZLW-1080-02-S-200-L Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-200-L
8 ZLW-1080-02-S-200-L/R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-200-L/R
9 ZLW-1080-02-S-200-R Belt Drive ZLW-1080-02-S-200-R
item no.
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igus Manufacturer of energy-chain-systems and polymer bearings
igus GmbH Köln