Series 89 Nano

Nanominiature Rectangular Dual Row Connectors, Board Mount

Manufacturer Glenair
Description PCB Mount Nano Double Row
Part Number 891-009-37S-xx-BRTxT
Connector Style Series 891-009: Double Row, Right Angle Mount Thru Hole PCB Connectors
Hardware Female Threads
Gender Socket
No of Contacts 37
CAD models

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Index Selector Part Number Description Connector Style Hardware Gender No of Contacts
1 1 891-009-37S-xx-BRTxT PCB Mount Nano Double Row Series 891-009: Double Row, Right Angle Mount Thru Hole PCB Connectors Female Threads Socket 37

Product Description

M32139 type dual row nanominiature rectangular connectors. Prewired – insulated or solid wire, Flex assembly, PCB thru-hole, surface mount, straddle mount or back to back cable configurations. Connector savers and EMI protective covers also available. Nanominiature dual-row plug and receptacle connectors are offered in titanium, stainless steel or aluminum shells. Connectors are configured with .025 inch contact spacing and DWV rating of 250 volts AC. Up to 11 contact layouts are available with three wire type options including: Ultra lightweight XLETFE insulation with silver coated high strength copper; extruded PTFE insulation with silver coated copper; and cross link modified ETFE insulation with high strength silver coated copper. Nano Connector hardware includes jackscrew or female threaded shells. Applications include down-hole electronics, missile systems, launch vehicles and satellites.

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Glenair designs and manufactures high performance connectors, wiring accessories such as metal and composite fittings, plugs etc

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