General Purpose Relay, R10 Series, Power, Non Latching, 4PDT, 12 VDC, 5 A

Manufacturer FARNELL
Description General Purpose Relay, R10 Series, Power, Non Latching, 4PDT, 12 VDC, 5 A
Part Number R10-E1X4-V185
Contact Material Silver Cadmium Oxide
Product Range R10 Series
Termination Method Plug-in / Solder Terminals
Supplier Name Farnell or Newark
Approval Bodies CSA
Contact Current Rating 5A
Operating Temperature Max 75°C
Operating Temperature Min -55°C
Width 18.67mm
External Depth 18.67mm
External Length / Height 30.15mm
External Width 18.67mm
External Height 30.15mm
Height 30.15mm
Terminal Type Solder/plug-in
Mounting Type Plug-In
Case Material Polycarbonate
Approvals & Standards CSA
Coil Resistance 185ohm
Coil Type Non Latching
Coil Voltage 12VDC
Coil Voltage VDC Nom 12V
Contact Configuration 4PDT
Contact Current 5A
Contact Current Max 5A
Contact Voltage AC Nom 120V
Contact Voltage DC Nom 28V
Contact Voltage VAC 120VAC
Contact Voltage VDC 30VDC
Nom Operating Power 500mW
Relay Mounting Socket
Relay Terminals Quick Connect
Relay Type Power - General Purpose
No. of Poles 4
Approval Category UL Recognised
Carry Current 5A
Coil Voltage DC Max 12V
DC Coil Power 500mW
Depth 29.59mm
Dielectric Voltage Coil to Contact 1000VAC
Dielectric Voltage Contact to Contact 1000VAC
Must Actuate Voltage 9VDC
Switching Voltage AC 115VAC
Switching Voltage DC 28VDC
Type Non-sealed
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Index Selector Part Number Description Contact Material Product Range Termination Method Brand Name Supplier Name Approval Bodies Contact Current Rating Operating Temperature Max Operating Temperature Min Width External Depth External Length / Height External Width External Height Height Terminal Type Mounting Type Case Material Approvals & Standards Coil Resistance Coil Type Coil Voltage Coil Voltage VDC Nom Contact Configuration Contact Current Contact Current Max Contact Voltage AC Nom Contact Voltage DC Nom Contact Voltage VAC Contact Voltage VDC Nom Operating Power Relay Mounting Relay Terminals Relay Type No. of Poles Approval Category Carry Current Coil Voltage DC Max DC Coil Power Depth Dielectric Voltage Coil to Contact Dielectric Voltage Contact to Contact Must Actuate Voltage Switching Voltage AC Switching Voltage DC Type
1 1 R10-E1X4-V185 General Purpose Relay, R10 Series, Power, Non Latching, 4PDT, 12 VDC, 5 A Silver Cadmium Oxide R10 Series Plug-in / Solder Terminals POTTER&BRUMFIELD - TE CONNECTIVITY Farnell or Newark CSA 5A 75°C -55°C 18.67mm 18.67mm 30.15mm 18.67mm 30.15mm 30.15mm Solder/plug-in Plug-In Polycarbonate CSA 185ohm Non Latching 12VDC 12V 4PDT 5A 5A 120V 28V 120VAC 30VDC 500mW Socket Quick Connect Power - General Purpose 4 UL Recognised 5A 12V 500mW 29.59mm 1000VAC 1000VAC 9VDC 115VAC 28VDC Non-sealed

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