Manufacturer EUCHNER
Part number 071545
Selection PWF-12PC
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Index Selector Description Version No. of steps Meas. Step [°] Outputs Error limit [°] Pitch code Absolute revolutions Code direction (of rotation) Zero point [°] Housing material Weight [kg] Housing diameter [mm] Shaft material Shaft diameter [mm] Mech. Operating speed, max. [min^-1] Starting torque, typical [Nm] Operating torque at 500 rpm, typical [Nm] Mass moment of inertia (rotor) [kg m^2] Max. axial shaft load [N] Max. radial shaft load [N] Bearing service life at max. operation speed and load [U] Operating temperature range [°C] Storage temperature range [°C] Environmental protection to EN 60529 Oscillation DIN / IEC 68-2-6 (3 axes) Shock DIN / IEC 68-2-27 (3 axes) Output circuit Operating voltage range UB [V DC] Operating current (without load) [mA] Output voltage UA at max. output current/UA (HIGH; 1), min. [V] Output voltage UA at max. output current/UA (LOW; 0), max. [V] Output current per output max. [mA] Overload/short-circuit protection Input voltage UE (HIGH;1) [V] Imput voltage UE (LOW;0) [V] Input current per input (HIGH;1) max. [mA] EMC protection requirements to CE Output frequency max. [Hz] Programming interface, Sub-D-connector, 9 way, female
1 1 PWF-12PC Plug connector radial 4096 0.088 16 alfa/2 Gray 1 programmable programmable Aluminum 0.8 58 stainless steel 10 3 000 0.02 0.02 2.5x10^-6 25 40 4x10^10 0 to +70 -25 to +70 IP 65 10-55 Hz, amplitude 1 mm, 6 cycles of 5 min 6 shocks semi-sine, 18 ms, 30 g push-pull 15 to 30 150 UB - 3 3 30 non-latching thermal cutout 12 to 30 0 to +8 5 met 150 000 serial, bidirectional RS 232C (V24)

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