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deegee Series E IP65 Red Sounder Beacon 48-55Vuc with White Base 117 x 146 dia. (mm)

Manufacturer D.G. CONTROLS
Description ISB-E/UC/VRD/LED/RED
Manufacturer Part Number 3573520481
Mass 0.59350000000000003
Quantity 1
Diameter (mm) 146
Protection Rating IP65
Sound Output (dB) 114
Voltage 48-55 AC/DC
Light Colour Red
Colour Red
Color Red
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Combined Beacon and Sounder units integrate a beacon lamp with an audible sounder. These beacons are designed to satisfy the increasing customer demand for a single dual-function warning device. Circuitry is fixed to the lens assembly, with convenient access to the terminal block for wiring, as well as tone selector switch and volume control, allowing easy fitting of bases and wiring during installation, and safe storage of the electronics for phase 2 fitting. Product is supplied preconfigured such that beacon and sounder operate together. An internal link and secondary terminals are provided to allow the installer to control the beacon and sounder independently.

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