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Through-Hole Leveling Jacks (Short)

Supports, Rests & Feet

Manufacturer Carr Lane Manufacturing
Description Through-Hole Leveling Jacks (Short) Jacks, Universal
Part Number CL-310-TLJS
Material Steel
Finish Zinc Plated
Measurement Universal
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New Item!Through-Hole Leveling Jacks are designed for precise leveling at a desired clamping point. Clamping is achieved by tightening a bolt inserted through the workpiece and through the inside diameter of the leveling jack, after the desired level is set. The static load due to tightening the mounting bolt also securely locks the jack's rotation. These leveling jacks consist of a threaded upper sleeve and a tapped lower sleeve, with a fine thread that allows precise setting. An anti-rotation disk serves as a positive limiter for maximum height. A spanner wrench can be used for additional leverage.Available in two versions. The short version shown here features an extremely low profile, higher load capacity, and a smaller height-adjustment range. The tall version (see Related Products below) provides a much greater adjustment range, while requiring additional support height and providing somewhat less load capacity. Available for 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" bolt sizes (10, 12, and 16mm in metric).

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