Super G55

High-Pressure, Dry-Mate Subsea Connectors

Manufacturer Glenair
Description High-Pressure, Dry-Mate Subsea Connectors
Part Number G5506-2003-XXXX_3D
Shell Size 20
No of Contacts 3
Style Flange Connector Receptacle (FCR)
Termék kiválasztása
Selector Part Number Description Shell Size No of Contacts Style
1 G5506-2003-XXXX_3D High-Pressure, Dry-Mate Subsea Connectors 20 3 Flange Connector Receptacle (FCR)
Part Number
Shell Size
No of Contacts

The SuperG55™ family of dry-mate deep-sea–high pressure connectors are a revolutionary new design of the popular industry-standard used in countless ROV, underwater camera, diver communications, lights, pan and tilts, and other subsea applications. Available in multiple shell sizes , the SuperG55™ is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel with insert molded contact assemblies designed for pressure-sealed applications up to 10K psi mated and unmated. Intermateable and intermountable with other “55” series connectors, the Glenair solution introduces a long list of product innovations designed to improve performance and durability.

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