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Rectangular Backshell

Rectangular Connector Backshells

Manufacturer Glenair
Description Rectangular Connector Backshells
Part Number 500T010x37N07
Accessory Style Series 500: EMI/RFI Banding Backshell, Round Cable Entry [Top]
Shell Size 37
Cable Entry Code 07 - .219 (5.6)
Modelos CAD

Seleção de produtos

Index Selector Part Number Manufacturer Description Accessory Style Shell Size Cable Entry Code
1 1 500T010x37N07 Glenair Rectangular Connector Backshells Series 500: EMI/RFI Banding Backshell, Round Cable Entry [Top] 37 07 - .219 (5.6)

Descrições do Produto

Rectangular connector accessories offer users of rack and panel connectors the same range of connector and cable protection available for standard circular interconnects — strain relief, EMI shielding, environmental protection and so on.

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Glenair designs and manufactures high performance connectors, wiring accessories such as metal and composite fittings, plugs etc

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