Elbow 90° ISO033 Flanges

ISO Flanges

Manufacturer Hositrad Holland B.V.
Description Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 63
Part Number ISO63/E
Material SST 304
Selección de producto
Selector Part Number Description Material Flange
1 ISO63/E Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 63 SST 304 ISO-K 63
2 ISO80/E Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 80 SST 304 ISO-K 80
3 ISO100/E Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 100 SST 304 ISO-K 100
4 ISO160/Em Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 160 SST 304 ISO-K 160
5 ISO200/Em Elbow 90° - Flange ISO-K 200 SST 304 ISO-K 200
Part Number
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Hositrad Holland B.V. The Hositrad Holland and the Hositrad Deutschland team has more than 50 years experience in vacuum and cryogenic technology. We have capabilities covering all areas starting from a standard flange up to designing a complete system, manufacturing or repair and after sales service of your vacuum equipment. We are a supplier of basic flanges, valves, electrical feedthroughs, edge welded bellows, manipulators, ion pumps, vacuum chambers up to a complete sputtering. Most of these items we supply from stock.
Hositrad Holland B.V.