Vigilant LED Area Light

Manufacturer Dialight plc
Description LED Area Light Adjustable bracket Poly lens
Part Number ALx5xx2xDBNxxN
Product selection
Selector Part Number Description
1 ALx5xx2xDBNxxN LED Area Light Adjustable bracket Poly lens
8 ALB-ALEx5x2xDxBJUN LED Area Light Junction Box Bracket Poly lens
9 ALB-ALEx7x2xDxBJUN LED Area Light Junction Box Bracket Glass lens
10 HZXS45 LED Area Light Accessory - HZXS45
11 HZXW45 LED Area Light Accessory - HZXW45
12 ALB ALEx7x2xDxBxxN LED Area Light Bracket Glass lens
13 ALx7xx2xDNNxxN LED Area Light Glass lens
14 ALx5xx2xDNNxxN LED Area Light Poly lens
15 ALx7xx2xDSNxxN LED Area Light S45 Glass lens
2 ALx5xx2xDSNxxN LED Area Light S45 Poly lens
3 ALx7xx2xDUNxxN LED Area Light Universal Mounting Adapter Glass lens
4 ALx7xx2xDVNxxN LED Area Light W01 Glass lens
5 ALx5xx2xDVNxxN LED Area Light W01 Poly lens
6 ALx7xx2xDWNxxN LED Area Light W45 Glass lens
7 ALx5xx2xDWNxxN LED Area Light W45 Poly lens
Part Number
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