Extension Piece 2

Safety grid for RFC and RFE fans exhaust

Manufacturer Alteko s.r.o.
Description RFC-RFE 355-NA2
Type RFC-RFE 355-NA2
Product selection
Selector Type Description
1 RFC-RFE 200-NA2 RFC-RFE 200-NA2
2 RFC-RFE 250-NA2 RFC-RFE 250-NA2
3 RFC-RFE 280-NA2 RFC-RFE 280-NA2
4 RFC-RFE 315-NA2 RFC-RFE 315-NA2
5 RFC-RFE 355-NA2 RFC-RFE 355-NA2
6 RFC-RFE 400-NA2 RFC-RFE 400-NA2
7 RFC-RFE 500-NA2 RFC-RFE 500-NA2
8 RFC-RFE 630-NA2 RFC-RFE 630-NA2
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Alteko s.r.o. ALTEKO, s.r.o. produces air conditioning machinery. The company was established in 1991 and at its establishment the company derived benefit from longtime experience of the owners in the fields of development, production and quality control of air conditioning.
Alteko s.r.o.