KR 5 scara R350

KR 5 scara R350

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The KR 5 scara R350 has a reach of 350 mm with a payload of 5 kg and a high positioning accuracy of under 0.02 mm. The robot itself only has a footprint of approx. 150 x 150 mm. And it goes without saying that this diverse range of 4-axis and 6-axis KUKA robots can be freely combined within a single system – always with the benefits of using the same control platform. Loads and z-stroke Payload 5 kg z-stroke 200 mm / 320 mm Working envelope Max. reach 350 mm Other data and variants Number of axes 4 Repeatability <±0,015 mm Weight 20 kg Mounting positions Floor Controller KR C2sr Speed max. 7,2 m/s
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