Airwork Pneumatic Equipment SrL
Por Airwork Pneumatic Equipment SrL

Compact Cylinders ISO 21287 - CM0111050005

CM series

Manufacturer Airwork Pneumatic Equipment SrL
Description Compact Cylinders ISO 21287 - CM0111050005
Part Number CM0111050005
Modelos CAD

Seleção de produtos

Index Selector Part Number Description Type Version Stroke (mm) Diametar
1 1 CM0111050005 Compact Cylinders ISO 21287 - CM0111050005 Female Rod Double Acting-Magnetic 5 Ø50

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Airwork Pneumatic Equipment SrL

Airwork Pneumatic Equipment SrL

Airwork,an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the designing, manufacturing and selling of standard and customized solutions in the pneumatic automation industrial field.AirWork is part of a big and consolidated Group, with UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, who is operating from 25 years in many industrial fields and boasts a modern and proven designing system, an always up-to-date and powerful machinery, dedicated lines for products assembling and testing thanks to the highest standard of detection and quality control.

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