DRIM (Supply-return modular diffusers)

Modular diffusers to be used from 2,6 up to 4 metres high. Four-Way diffusers for air supply with return core. Constructed from aluminium.

Публикувано от BIM&CO
Manufacturer Madel
Reference description DRIM 1x600
Manufacturer Part Number DRIM 1x600
Minimum Air Flow [m³/h] 242.1
Maximum Air Flow [m³/h] 406.728
Available Surface Area [m²] 0.0269
Omniclass 23-33 49 11 11
Uniformat D3041
MasterFormat 23 37 13
Supply air diameter [mm] 250
Safety Standard UNE 23-727 M2/ NFP 92-501 M2/ DIN 4102 M2
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One of the lines of performance of MADEL consists of equipping its products with aesthetic added value in order to introduce the air diffuser as yet another element to be considered in interior architecture.

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