AXO-TWIN (Adjustable vanes diffusers with VAV plenum box)

Manufacturer Madel
Reference description AXO TWIN 600
Reference AXO TWIN 600
Product Code AXO TWIN-AIS
Manufacturer Product Link
Maximum Air Flow [m³/h] 600
Minimum Air Flow [m³/h] 150
Masterformat Code 23 36 00
MasterFormat Air Terminal Units
Uniclass Product Code Pr_70_65_04
Name Uniclass Product Air terminals and diffusers
OMNICLASS Table 23 Code 23-33 41 00
OmniClass name HVAC Air Terminals
Name BIM&CO Difusores HVAC
Connection Diameter [mm] 250
Overall width [mm] 595
CAD модели
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Избиране на продукт

Описание на продукта

"AXO-TWIN is a plenum diffuser assembly specially designed to obtain greater comfort and an improvement in energy efficiency in VAV installations.

Thanks to the innovative design of the double chamber plenum, the AXO-TWIN diffuser adjusts the free air supply area according to the variations caused by the Variable Air Volume (VAV) dampers."

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One of the lines of performance of MADEL consists of equipping its products with aesthetic added value in order to introduce the air diffuser as yet another element to be considered in interior architecture.

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