Integrating product-relevant information
More extra information in the design process

Apart from providing CAD users with a CAD model, you can also use TraceParts to supply them with additional product information.


Technical documents, data tables or product descriptions, which are already available in the paper-based catalog or have been published on your website, can be seamlessly integrated into the selection process in TraceParts.


Starting with the selection of the component, the designer receives immediately all the information required to carry out his design process. Here are just some examples of this information:

  • Product descriptions
  • Installation instructions
  • Product-specific links to your website
  • Every kind of technical document for product selection, mounting instructions, maintenance

TraceParts technology ensures data reusability and a standard presentation format for all information displayed via the TraceParts interface. This means that CAD users no longer need to spend hours trying to obtain additional information from other sources.


This improves the level of service, as well as saving time and money in the design process.


The whole data creation process can be carried out using ccDesigner®. This is a Windows-based solution that brings all the required modules together in an seamless and integrated development environment. ccDesigner® is used by our professional data creation team to produce the best quality data. 

There is also a retail version of ccDesigner® available for companies that would like to create their own data in-house.


The data created using this software are totally compatible with TraceParts and can be seamlessly integrated with TraceParts publishing media (TracePartsOnline.net, My TraceParts and TraceParts Enterprise).