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Find out how TraceParts can deliver innovative and value added solutions in the fields of e-catalogs, 3D CAD models and product configurators.


"With TraceParts, we can address an international CAD user base that is both active and constantly updated. More than 1.7 million designers world-wide use their 3D component catalogs and are therefore potentially interested in DS SolidWorks"

Antony Hervo, Channel Marketing Director - EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks


"We have seen a high return rate and noticed that CAD users were especially receptive to our campaign. Combining both communication strategies - banners and an email campaign - has naturally brought in new prospects, but also reactivated existing customers that had been less active for some time. Demand has been extremely high for the 2013 issue of our Big Green Book!"

Céline Manoukian, in charge of business development at Norelem


"TraceParts demonstrated their ability to integrate the legacy of the previous BCM library and were able to propose a complete workflow management tool for dealing with user requests, one that integrates seamlessly with our existing selection process and PLM system. We now have available, on-line, a component database that will evolve in real time and will generate powerful synergies between Methods and the Mechanical Engineering Design Offices"

Judith Noyelle, IT Support Manager for the Design Office teams and head of the Michelin Parts Library project

Results have gone far beyond our initial objective. We have increased our global visibility, and our products are available as early as the equipment design stage. We have a greater insight into buyers and designers.

Serge Buechli, Product Manager at LEMO

Downloading a particular part also generates a specific order number. This goes on to the parts list and, if relevant, the order list for purchase. In the end, customers get exactly the part that the designer has chosen. The following statement basically applies: Every part integrated by the designer also means a sold part, even if they may be wide variation to a certain degree.

Martin Bäuerle, Ganter’s development manager

"It was through a recommendation from KiM that we came across TraceParts, which also publishes all the data for us on its portal. This allows us to reach directly via our own website the millions who use the TraceParts CAD library and its partner portals at quite an early stage in the design process. This is an important factor for us in winning new customers."

Joschi Rohe, Head of Electronic Media at igus in Cologne

"Our campaigns are fully achieving their objectives of informing potential users and promoting our products, with a fast and direct approach to our target group. This method of communication gives an almost instant way of measuring results. In addition to the relevance of the target group, we have seen that the information used to filter the emails sent is constantly updated. It would be much harder and more expensive to address the different sectors of industry with a vertical marketing campaign."

Eric Bredin, European Marketing Director for German subsidiary Objet GmbH

Thanks to TraceParts, for manufacturers of complex systems as well to be able to create online catalogs, with all the benefits this entails, which is: ultimately saving both the manufacturer and user time, money and nervous energy. Any company that capitalizes on these opportunities quickly will have the edge over its rivals…

Christian Winkel, Winkel managing partner

"TraceParts has clearly put our products on the radar of our customers and even companies that were unfamiliar with our firm. Satisfaction is all the higher, since we still maintain excellent relations with TraceParts, which is always available and quick to respond."

Sébastien Villemy, Director of Benteler Division France
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"90% of the 10,000 3D models downloaded every year are by companies that go straight to the TraceParts website or have been directed there thanks to the site's high ranking in search engine results"

Philippe Drumel, Sales Director
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"Apart from the good service provided to our customers, we have found with this partnership a way to make us stand out and give our company a dynamic image"

Philippe Maire, Sales manager for the north and east of France, Northern Europe and the United States
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"Another reason for choosing TraceParts is that its portal is used around the world"

Eric Marchand, Chief Marketing Officer for the SFA Group's Industries business
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"Meeting customers' expectations is a company tradition, and in this particular case we were guaranteed to have the right partner on board!"

Isabelle Margerie, Chief marketing officer for the Tente French subsidiary
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"We have found a measurable additional sales multiplier effect for our products through their publication on and its highly qualified audience."

Jörg Eberhard, International Marketing, Key Account & Business Development Manager Seeger-Orbis

"The teams at TraceParts are quick to respond and deliver high-quality work and support"

Pierre Emmanuel Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer Pinet

"You can tell that the TraceParts teams are used to working with manufacturers and are familiar with their core business or at least their constraints and demands for quality and fast action."

Stéphane Garcia, Chief Marketing Officer Coval

"Out of respect for our customers, we simply have to call on partners like TraceParts, who share the same sense of service and innovation. They are true professionals."

Frédéric Couppey, CEO of Chambrelan

«TraceParts once again proved to be an expert partner during the seamless integration of our native and neutral 3D CAD data into our new web site. The ideas and suggestions for the implementation process demonstrated the comprehensive expertise that TraceParts has acquired in this area over the years. Rapid access to all the product models brings major benefits for us and our customers. TraceParts has always focused on ensuring that our requirements were implemented quickly and flexibly.»

Claudia Blackburn, Marketing Manager at Contrinex

"[...] We chose TraceParts without the slightest hesitation, just like the other companies that later joined ALEMA Group. The rich content of its libraries and the fact that the solution integrates seamlessly into CATIA V5 - our primary design software - convinced us beyond any doubt."

Eric Mangeard, Alema Site Manager

"The more we use standardized products for the different machines, the faster and easier it is to troubleshoot machinery or configure them for new products. The TraceParts library is very rich and the easy search feature could lead to an explosion in the number of references used. In TraceParts, we have found a solution to reach our standardization objectives."

Stéphane Charvin, Project manager in the Special Machines Department at Téfal

Emile Maurin

"TraceParts is a serious company and its major development is a source of satisfaction for us, since it guarantees our offering added visibility. [...] The sales and technical teams at TraceParts are fast acting and their services are of high quality. It is particularly important for us, since we are heavily involved in designing and classifying models. I personally consider the TraceParts web site to be an invaluable industrial tool."

Didier Maurin, CEO at Emile Maurin

"What we really appreciate about TraceParts is their ability to meet our quality demands and that it is a truly long-term partner [...] Since we introduced the service, product sales have been growing regularly. This helps us to foster customer loyalty and win new business."

Patrice Salem, Marketing Support Manager at Legris.

"We set out to find a common database implementation and benchmarked two European suppliers. Airbus France, Spain and UK selected TraceParts for its functionalities, its content and its ability to adapt its solution to their specific requirements."

Laurent SENOT, Dassault Data Services consultant who works with Airbus

"Our decision was based above all on technical criteria. TraceParts was the only supplier covering all the main market standards and formats. In addition, the quality of its catalogs and resulting success with CAD/CAM customers made it a vital partner."

William Jeanson, heads the Data Project for the Technical Communication department of Industrial Machine & Process

"From a technical and educational point of view, it was the very good integration of their library with CATIA V5 that convinced us. [...] Furthermore, the TraceParts educational offering is original and well suited to the hard facts of the educational world. For example, it is vital for each student to have access to components on any machine or over the network from his or her personal computer without requiring an Internet connection."

Raphaël Montavon, Teaching lecturer in specialist schools and is in charge of CAD at Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie

"TraceParts is the only one that is capable of offering that type of service. [...] Their offer answered our own specifications for productivity, user-friendliness and close working relationships from a technical standpoint as well as for recognition in the industrial world. In fact, our biggest customers use TraceParts themselves"

Hervé GOMAS, Manager for Marketing and R&D of Facom

"The tools for monitoring the downloads were an innovation that we appreciated and use often. Moreover, we regularly use TraceParts press releases that they use to announce new products to their client base. In the beginning we had a technical request and the solution showed itself to be a true tool for sales and marketing. Like Siam, TraceParts knows how to innovate and we share the same values concerning service provided to the client, the same enthusiasm in our respective specialties. These are a good basis for a long-term partnership."

Françoise Pfister, CEO of Siam Ringspann France

"Our components are particularly visible on the search engines thanks to efforts by marketing and TraceParts referencing and to frequent visits on their site. By not limiting the service provided to only technical aspects, TraceParts favors communication with its customers. We measure the importance of this effort and we appreciate the benefits daily. It therefore comes naturally to us to commercially exploit the download requests and that, no doubt, is part of our job!"

Damien Cardon-Dubois, Technical Director for Norelem France


"I'm very happy with the result. At first I had concerns about whether the handles could be depicted in a visually appealing way, but TraceParts did an excellent job and advised and supported us very well at all times. TraceParts always had a handle on everything."

Carsten Hennig, from the company management of Rohde AG


"There are two definite aspects in the service provided by TraceParts: the technical side, with the availability of CAD models and the marketing side with the visibility of our products. Both sides have met stated objectives. The reactivity of technical teams meets our expectations. The evolution of CSR is greatly linked to TraceParts' dedication and involvement."

Marcel Dubois, General Manager for CSR


"TraceParts was able to demonstrate the superiority of its techniques in comparison to other companies that were consulted to simplify and provide models in the largest variety of CAD formats imaginable. Their team worked with our classic catalogs and our 3D models. Less than 6 months after beginning the actual project, nearly 8,000 items had been treated and put online. Also, our range's evolutions are taken into account very quickly."

Patrick Coulpin, Marketing Manager at VIM


"We were completely satisfied with TraceParts' products and service for generating 2D models and there was an excellent relationship between our two companies. In addition, since we began working with TraceParts, they had acquired a notoriety that increased visibility for our products. Not only were we able to meet our customers' needs, we were also able to gain new ones."

Olivier Musseau, Rabourdin Industrie's technical documentation manager


"TraceParts was able to prove its skills in providing quality models - even the most complex - as well as its ability to personalize its product according to our requirements. [...] The continuous addition of catalogues and associated tools as well as TraceParts' rigorous attentiveness to our specifications makes TraceParts a key element in our standardization policy and its success."

Jean-Claude Avrillon, Represents Michelin at the Products for Industrial Operations Authority

"The users desire both easy access and having the choice and quality of modeling in the native format of their CAD system. Therefore, we visited a few model downloading sites, taking the point of view of the user. We tested for accessibility and the relevance of the criteria, model reliability and the extent of the libraries. Moreover, it is easy to find out the references since it is sufficient to view the companies represented on the site. This initial step led us to consult TraceParts. The climate of confidence which was later established with the sales engineer and the seriousness of their offer did the rest."

Jean-Paul Coron, Kinetic Systems CEO

" The choice of the service provider - today we speak without hesitation of partners - was rather simple: we questioned a few companies in the industrial sector who had confided their catalog creation to TraceParts. Their enthusiasm convinced us. A choice that we refer to without hesitating today, in as much as we had discovered a team with whom we had warm human contact and who clearly showed an undeniably serious attitude: respect for time schedules and technical quality. Those are exactly the values that our company puts forward. Finally, we liked the economic model and it fully responded to our quest for new markets."

Jean-Michel Stetten, Boutet President

Success story: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

"It quickly became very clear to us that we needed to respond to the market's obvious demand so that we could continue to offer our customers the best possible service. So, early 2003, we began looking for a partner that could help us to produce an online CAD catalog."

Ingrid Wiedemann, Technical Documentation Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Success story: INA FAG

"Thanks to PowerParts, we were able to achieve our aim of offering a global service for our products. We weren't just going to rely on potential customers stumbling across INA by chance on the Internet. But the chances are good of someone accessing INA's website via the powerPARTS portal; so, we've found the ideal marketing multiplier in TraceParts."

Norbert Winkler, E-Business Director at Schaeffler Goup

Success story: Schmalz

"You could say that with the CAD download service we're in a win-win situation. Our customers are benefiting from shorter design times and so can cut their product development costs. On the other side, we've been able to reduce our internal process costs and expand our market position through enhanced customer service."

Hartmut Schlee, eBusiness Manager at J. Schmalz GmbH

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